Our Team.

Together, the Eden Travel Management team represents a unique period of  mutual cooperation and experience.

Andrew Want


 Since the company’s inception 43 years ago, Eden Corporate Travel has grown from strength to strength and enjoyed year on year growth for which I have been a part of for more than 37 years. We pride ourselves on offering a unique business model, one which is committed to unparalleled service and buying power.

Our people truly are our greatest asset of our company and the reason behind our many successes. They are a team of experienced professionals selected for their industry knowledge, experience and high level customer service skills.

Our philosophy is a simple; listen to our clients, understand their needs, deliver above expectations.

The travel industry has been very fortunate to me having travelled extensively throughout my career and without a doubt my favourite city is Paris, but love nothing more than a road trip to the mid north coast of NSW or Thredbo in summer for a quick getaway with my family.

Email:  andreww@edentravel.com.au

Jennifer Want


 Jennifer's background in retail, finance and law brings fresh eyes to the team. Her years of experience of thinking outside the square are the norm in the office. 

Jennifer predominately looks after the administration and finance department. She has travelled to Asia and America. Her favourite destination would have to be LA, New York & Hawaii.

Email: jenw@edentravel.com.au 

Sam Hay

Samantha  Hay

 Samantha has over 20 year experience as a travel operations manager and is highly skilled senior consultant.  Samantha joined Eden Corporate Travel in November 2010. Her vast knowledge and extensive experience in airfares and destinations around the world is truly amazing along with her high customer services skills.  

Samantha is in charge of staff and implementing and streamlining company policies and procedures, including their training, welfare and the day to day operations. Sam heads up negotiations with airline and hotels to ensure maximum leverage is achieved  passing the cost saving to our clients as well as training our corporate clients on our online systems.   

Travel is a great passion for Samantha and having traveled extensively she is always able to use the information and experience to create a wonderful experience for our corporate clients who is looking to do a personal trip.

Whether it be 6 star palaces in India, the dazzle of New York City, or camping her way through 9 countries in Africa, Sam is always up for that next adventure! Where to next.... Burma?

Email:  samh@edentravel.com.au      

Robyn Rodick


Robyn has over 21 years of experience in the travel industry and has been with Eden Corporate Travel since April 2007. 

Robyn enjoys the balance of co-ordinating meetings and conferences and corporate bookings.  Having a broad knowledge of the world Robyn has travelled to 65 different countries, she enjoys the opportunity to share her love of the world with our leisure clients and corporate clients and creating wonderful holiday experiences and she will continue to explore new destinations.

Her favourite destination is Europe.

Email:  robynr@edentravel.com.au   

Hilde Verhaegen


Hilde joined Eden Corporate Travel in 2002 as a Senior International Consultant.

Hilde brings her knowledge, skills and experience of organising international and domestic bookings for our corporate and leisure clients, combining her knowledge of Europe and Asia along with her extensive airfare expertise.

Hilde prides herself with high customer service.

Hilde has travelled extensively, her favourite destination being Belgium.

Email:      hildev@edentravel.com.au

Nicky Noble


Nicky has 9 years experience in the travel industry and has joined Eden Corporate Travel in 2007 as a senior international consultant with extensive corporate and leisure travel experience.

Nicky is highly skilled senior corporate consultant. She enjoys the combination of organising domestic and international travel for our corporate and leisure clients.

Having travelled extensively to destinations throughout Europe, North America, South Pacific and Asia she is able share her experience to our clients. Nicky prides herself in high customer service.

Nicky’s favourite destinations is Canada.

Email:  nickyn@edentravel.com.au



Email:    jamesm@edentravel.com.au

Tiana casey

Tiana joined Eden Corporate Travel in 2019 and has been in the travel industry for 14 years and have been in the corporate travel sector for 9 years.

She has travelled to Europe, UK, Thailand, Los Angeles, Singapore and have cruised the South Pacific. I would have to say her favourite country is Scotland.

Being in the travel industry for Tiana is not just a job for her, but a passion.

Tiana knew she wanted to work in the travel industry when she stepped on a plane for the first time at 11 years old.

Email:  tianac@edentravel.com.au

tara kotyla
domestic/groups CONSULTANT

Email:  tarak@edentravel.com.au

robert firmani

Email:  robertf@edentravel.com.au

ROla haydamous
ACCOUNTs assistant

Rola is an accountant with 20 years experience in both the Travel and the Retail industry. Rola has worked in New Zealand and Australia and has been employed at Eden Corporate Travel since 2019.

Rola has an eye for detail and is extremely passionate about her role.

Rola has travelled extensively, with Europe and Hawaii as favourite destinations.

Email:  rolah@edentravel.com.au

jack want
data processing

Email:  jackw@edentravel.com.au



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