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Eden Corporate Travel has had the pleasure and PRIVILEGE of helping our clients with all their corporate travel requirements for the last 35 years. Over that time our customers have contacted us with thanks. Below are just some of the kind words we have recEIved.

I wanted to acknowledge the great support and service that you, Nicky and your team at Eden Travel have provided XXXXXXXX since taking over our travel management mid last year.

XXXXXXXX had traditionally managed the small amount of travel it conducted internally.  When our business focus changed and travel became an essential part of marketing and service delivery we sought some form of assistance from an external provider.  Our first experiences with other organisations were very disappointing with many examples of inflexibility and a lack of willingness to “go the extra mile”.  That all changed when we gave Eden an opportunity to provide our travel management services.  When we asked Eden to charter a 100 seat jet to take one of our work teams to central Queensland your organisation pulled out all stops and made the whole process simple for us managing all aspects of the travel exercise (buses and flights).  The personal service of meeting us at the Kingsford Smith Airport on a weekend to ensure the charter went smoothly was an unexpected delight for us as it demonstrated Eden’s commitment to getting it right.

Since this time we have enjoyed a level of service, responsiveness and the ability to think outside the square that you experience rarely from a service organisation.  I commend you on the way that this commitment and dedication permeates your whole organisation.  Costs and fees are communicated and reported on promptly and transparently with the universal perception that we get real value-for money from your team.

We look forward to Eden remaining a valued part of XXXXXXXX service delivery chain for many years to come as a partner in expanding our business.


Due to XXXXXXX travel schedule we have always sought a level of service and value that was in-line with what we felt was fair and warranted with the way we are with our clients/students. Like many do, we also used the internet for all our bookings. The norm is not always the esoteric so I felt that there had to be an old fashion way to getting a better service than just pure price hunting. 

This led me to ask Singapore Airlines if they had any experience with a travel agency they could recommend. Professionally, they replied with a list of agents they knew handled the more intricate and or frequent flyer. It was then left to us to feel into. Which of course I did. This led us to find Eden Travel. I spoke to the principal and asked questions that would reveal if they were just another outfit or if they had a commitment to their customers with the essential caring service we expected. Passing that test, we began using their services. One year later, we can say that we not only found them to meet what they had presented in our initial and follow up conversations, but exceeded it. What is most rewarding is that we get the service without it costing more. 

I/We are here not guiding or peddling, but if you wish to experience the level of service we are enjoying from Andrew Want and his caring team at Eden Travel, here it is as a form of sharing as I would expect had you found such old fashion commitment and dedication to serving one's customers. Check out their website and the 'about us' etc.


We have managed our travel plan, predominately international but some domestic travel, through Eden Corporate Travel now for many years. Efficient, knowledgeable and pleasant staff who are readily accessible for advice and assistance. Reliable and timely documentation for the wide range of travel services one now needs is a feature of client  focused delivery by Eden.


I initially become associated with Eden Corporate Travel in 2006 when working for an Australian startup pharmaceutical company. When asked by my CEO to be on the other side of the world within a week, I immediately reached for the phone and spoke with Andrew Want, a consultant (now Managing Director) at Eden Travel. Andrew could not only find the cheapest airfare (important to my CEO at the time), but had extensive knowledge of good, comfortable and well located accommodation. After some time, and many OS trips, I developed a belief that Eden Travel would deliver well organised and structured business trips with all possible contingencies covered. 

The staff at Eden Corporate Travel, in particular Andrew, are always professional, attentive and accommodating. Due to the nature of my business, my travel plans can change at very short notice, and Eden Travel has always found solutions to meet my needs. On more than one occasion I have been stranded on the other side of world due to missed connections or cancelled flights. I have made contact with Eden Travel who arranged alternative flights and emergency accommodation on the spot.

I am now a private consultant and spend far too much time with international travel. Eden Corporate travel is an invaluable service provider to my business. The discomfort of rushed business trips, sitting on planes and in airline lounges, and being away from my family is made a little easier thanks to the speed and efficiency of booking with Eden Corporate Travel. My stress levels are also reduced due to the confidence that I have in the staff's ability to efficiently deal with unforeseen problems that can arise while traveling.

Happy Customer, Canberra.


February 6,  2013

XXXXXX is a national medical device company with employees and management travelling interstate and overseas year round.

Eden Travel has been handling executive and staff travel for a number of years.  Their understanding of travel whether it is private or business is exceptionally efficient.

Eden Travel source the most cost effective travel, together with an understanding of international and domestic challenges of selecting appropriate accommodation, visa requirements and locations for conferences and private stays.  I would have no hesitation in recommending  Eden Travel for business or private travel requirements.


Chief Executive Officer

February 6, 2013

We are delighted to make a contribution to the bouquets which attest the strength and breadth of Eden Travel’s service and support to its customers.  Whilst our business mostly deals with Samantha Hay, we are left in no doubt that Andrew and the entire team at Eden Travel are ready and able to assist with and organise our domestic and International travel requirements.

The big test of any organisation is when things don’t go right when travelling abroad.  We have never been let down by Sam and Eden in problem resolution and alternative arrangements when required.

We can only applaud Andrew and Team Eden for the efficiency and thoroughness of their services and as such, recommend them to all and sundry

Yours sincerely


Managing Director

 Hi Andrew,

 I just wanted to recognise a great “ over delivering on promises” from Sam recently. I was told by one of your staff that she had recently returned from Bali, so I called to ask her for some advice for the team who were planning to go over pre conference.

Sam rang some friends and ended up writing me a long email with a list of favourite bars and restaurants as well as some reasonably priced hotels for the guys to have a look at. She then rang a friend who had just been to Jimborran Bay to give me an update ( this has been on my bucket list since a great seafood BBQ in 1998!) on the best places there to eat.

I am used to the professionalism and excellent service from all your staff, but continue to be pleasantly surprised with outstanding efforts like this. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to Sam.






We had our 2012 year end review last week and our staff stateside mentioned the absolutely glowing reports they receive on Eden Travel.  I hope we can one day work together on additional business.  It is always terrific to find a partner in other areas of the world we can trust to give the same level of service we demand here.


Best to you and all your team.



Regional Operations Manager  - USA



Hi Robyn


We were extremely happy with this tour, and will commend it to others.  Hotels were decent and good value, with the breakfasts much better in Pnohm Penh Sunway hotel. At Siem Reap Lotus Blanc breakfast was fair and uninspiring. Having said that, lunches were excellent in Sien Reap, and worthy of comment.


Our only poor dining experience was one night in SR at a local cultural show. The food was RSL club mass-catering awful, and the show incomprehensible, and difficult to hear commentary made it worse. Our guide was so mortified at our poor report, he actually organised a complimentary meal another night to make up for it......quite unexpected but  a nice surprise from local agents Exotissimo.


Of particular note, our Siem Reap guide, Mr Nareth was extremely good: knowledgeale, polite, flexible and always thinking ahead. His flexibility with our plans was greatly appreciated, and he was always attentive to our aged father. He is a bright and engaging man, knows his facts and epitomises a good tour leader. We have written to Exotissimo directly to commend him.


All in all a splendid trip, and your organisation and attention to detail has been flawless. My personal thanks for helping with the arrangements which surprised my father and for helping keep the secret. I will certainly be using Eden Travel again, and recommending you to family, friends and colleagues without hesitation. I am a very seasoned traveller and had many good and less good experiences, however your company and yourself have exceeded my expectations. I would also be more than happy for you to quote this letter in any of your marketing.


Many thanks indeed



Dr C -







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